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Stories from the Chatline


Blessing contacted us and told us she was "overwhelmed by the whole pregnancy thing." She said that she didn't want to terminate, but she had no other choice.


Our team gave her some pregnancy center resources and a church connection. We told her that these groups would help her and her unborn baby.


Blessing guessed that she was around 3 months pregnant. We connected her with a local pregnancy center, and when she contacted them she discovered that they were also a maternity home. They provided her with a safe place to have her baby and helped her place her baby in a healthy adoptive home.

Shortly after her baby's birth she had to leave the maternity home. We asked her how she was doing since she returned home, and she said, "I'm not ok."


Blessing shared with us that she was struggling with the feeling of being alone. Her fear and insecurity regarding her family and living situation were causing her to feel depressed and have thoughts of self-harm.

Each and every day, Promise of Life Network's international team is contacted by women worldwide asking about abortion. Each circumstance is unique, and each woman is precious. After chatting with our advocates and being connected with help in their communities, 84% of these women choose life for their unborn children.

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"Blessing's Story: From Fear to Safety": An Excerpt

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