I thought I had dealt with my abortion but I guess there are still some layers to peel back.

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Step into Hope

Abortion hurts. 
Many women who have chosen an abortion in their past have come to deeply regret their abortion decision. They often struggle with grief, guilt, depression, and even thoughts of suicide.
As Christians, we know that Christ can forgive any sin - even the sin of abortion. Through our Step Into Hope division we provide a post-abortive Bible study that guides women into hope and healing through Christ. This study is completely free and confidential, and is led by women who have found this hope and forgiveness themselves.
If you or a loved one is in need of this type of study please let us know, we can let you know when the next study will begin and where it will be held. Contact Laura Foster at lauraf@alphaomegacenter.org or Kristi Poland at kristi@alphaomegacenter.org for more information.
Step Into Hope is working to provide resources that will address the grief that comes with the loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth/early infant loss. Please pray with us as we move towards providing comfort and support to families suffering due to this type of loss.
All locations for post-abortive Bible studies are kept confidential to protect attendees and provide them with the utmost privacy. Details about location and times of the meetings will only be provided to participants.


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