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Why the Name Change?

Over the years our organization has been through many name changes. We were founded in Slippery Rock as the Slippery Rock Pregnancy Center and in New Castle as the Habakkuk Pregnancy Resource Center. Before our founding in New Castle as an independent organization we were part of the City Rescue Mission and called Bethesda Home.
In 2010 Slippery Rock Pregnancy Center began the process of changing it's name to Alpha Omega Center. The name was chosen because while it reflects our belief in Christ it's also a rather neutral name. If we called a client or had to send mail it wouldn't scream "pregnancy center" to anyone who heard us or saw the return address. The name change was designed to appeal to our target audience and protect their confidentiality.
The name change was successful! When the Habakkuk Pregnancy Resource Center of New Castle merged with Alpha Omega Center they became the New Castle office of Alpha Omega Center. To keep our marketing separate, we then chose a new name for our parenting program and christened it "New Beginnings."
As time wore on it became clear that using one name for both our primary mission, medical services, and for our overall organization wasn't going to work forever. We have grown and added new divisions and new ministries, and we're now concerned about risking our most vulnerable clients.
As we expand to offer pro-life education (such as with Sarah's new book and other resources) and tackle the abortion industry with our new website discussing at-home abortions, there is a risk that these activities could draw protestors to our brick and mortar medical locations. Further, it could make it harder for clients to find our medical services if the same name is used in online articles and other media to reference these other initiatives.
Our new name, Promise of Life Network, encompasses all six of our divisions and will be able to house any other ministries God calls us to. Each leaf in the logo represents a division that is dedicated to building a community where life is cherished from conception to natural death. The name "Promise of Life Network" reflects who we are as an organization and states clearly that we believe that life brings with it a promise that death never can.
Our management, governance, and vision have not changed. Our primary mission is still to provide life-affirming medical services to women at risk of choosing abortion in our local service area. However, we know that God has more for us to do and this new name will allow us to do it.
The legal process of changing our name has been slowed a bit because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but we anticipate that we will complete the process before the end of 2020. Until that time, we will be working to change our materials to reflect our new name and restricting the use of the name "Alpha Omega Center" to our medical services.
If you have any questions please contact Sarah, our Executive Director, by phone at 724.794.3325 ext 1401 or email at We're excited about this change and looking forward to see how God works through us in the months and years to come.
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