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Vision and Mission

Promise of Life Vision Statement
To see a world where life is cherished from conception to natural death.
Promise of Life Mission Statement
To create a culture of life through Christ. 

Alpha Omega Center's Mission Statement

To empower families to choose life by providing medical services and spiritual support. 
  • Provide free pregnancy testing and options education 
  • Provide limited obstetrical ultrasound imaging 
  • Provide STD testing and treatment 
  • Educate young people about abstinence from pre-marital sexual activity and healthy relationships
  • Provide education and material assistance to young families
  • Provide referrals to community programs and services
  • Raise community awareness about life-affirming issues
New Beginnings Mission
To provide parenting education and material assistance to young families.
Healthy Relationships Today's Mission
To educate youth in a variety of settings about healthy relationships
and sexual integrity. 
At Home Abortion Facts' Mission
To educate women and their families worldwide about the risks and dangers of at-home abortions and encourage them to choose life by providing referrals to life-affirming help in their local communities.
Step into Hope
To guide individuals suffering from grief due to pregnancy loss into healing through Christ.
Sarah M. Bowens' Mission
To provide information, education, and encouragement to the pregnancy help movement and pro-life believers.
All of our services are performed at no charge to our community. We do not provide or refer for abortions.
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