Our Team

Our team is comprised of 12 paid staff members and dozens of volunteers. Our paid staff and some of our volunteers are listed below! In addition to our regular volunteers we are blessed with volunteer hours from attorneys, human resources professionals, accountants, marketing professionals, photographers, graphic designers, gardeners, maintenance help, writers, bloggers, administrative support, and prayer warriors. It would be nearly impossible to list each individual that takes part in making this ministry happen, but we are thankful for each and every person!

Sarah M. Bowen

Executive Director

Sarah began with Alpha Omega Center as a college intern in 2008, and has been the executive director since 2014. Sarah and her husband Anthony have been married for 12 years and Anthony stays home with and homeschools their four sons, Tommy, Eli, Zeke, and Jonah. Sarah graduated from Geneva College with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and a minor in Business and is currently working towards her MBA. Her first book, Courageously Pro-Life, and other resources for pregnancy centers are available on her website, sarahmbowen.com. When Sarah isn’t working to end abortion she can be found knitting, riding her razor scooter, bicycling, and spending time with her family.


Jackie Cooper

New Beginnings Coordinator

Jackie has been on the team since 2013 as our New Beginnings Coordinator. Jackie ensures that each family enrolled in our New Beginnings program is treated with love and dignity, and that they are able to earn the items they need to care for their children. Jackie loves building relationships with clients and sharing with them the love of Christ. Jackie enjoys gardening, biking, hiking, and spending time with her family. Jackie and her husband Bill have two children and three grandchildren.


Mikayla Covington

Director of International Operations

Mikayla joined the team in 2018 and currently serves as our Director of International Operations. She oversees our national and international ministries, including partnering with churches and pregnancy centers around the world to help unreached people groups hear the pro-life message and receive proper care for their unborn children. Mikayla has her Master's degree in Communication and is working on her doctorate in Rhetoric, both from Duquesne University. When she isn't chatting with women in South Africa, Mikayla enjoys crafting, cycling, and hanging out with her cat, Cheeto.


Danielle Degilio

New Beginnings Site Manager

Danielle has been part of our team since 2019 and serves as the site manager for our New Beginnings division in Sandy Lake, and Slippery Rock, she also works with all of our remote parenting families. Danielle ensures that each family receives quality parenting education and the items they need in a loving and Christ-centered atmosphere. Danielle earned her bachelors degree from Crown College in Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies and enjoys knitting, the outdoors, and spending time with her family. Danielle and her husband Dom have four young children, Sophia, Judah, Myrilla, and Jemma.

Laura Foster

Client Services Coordinator

Laura joined our team in 2017 when she relocated to our area. When she came to us she had seven years of experience in pregnancy help. Laura serves as our Client Services Coordinator in our Alpha Omega Center division and works hard to provide options, information, and hope to families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Laura also serves as a Surrendering the Secret leader in our Step into Hope division. When she isn't working, Laura enjoys birdwatching, camping, and learning new things. She and her husband Dale have two grown children.

Tracey McDermott

Client Care and Marketing

Tracey joined our team in 2019 in Client Care and Marketing. Tracey brings her tremendous experience in marketing to our ministry as she works to use our marketing budget as efficiently and effectively as possible. She also meets one-on-one with individuals and families as they navigate a potential STD or unplanned pregnancy. Tracey is passionate about college students and helping them to achieve optimal health through making good choices. Tracey enjoys spending time with her daughters, at the beach, cooking, and decorating. She and her husband Ron are enjoying their final years of having their daughters, Ella, Emma, and Elena in their home before they leave the nest.

Rhiannon Welton

Development Assistant

Rhiannon has been part of our team since 2016 and joined our paid staff in 2018. Rhiannon manages all of our social media pages, designs and maintains our websites, ensures our reception areas are attractive and welcoming, manages our international contacts, and explores opportunities for partnerships with other organizations worldwide. Rhiannon enjoys anything related to the series "Firefly", coffee, and spending time with her pets. She and her husband Fred have three grown children.

Mary Jo Summers

Director of Operations

Mary Jo has been serving as part of this ministry since 2003. Initially she was in charge of our abstinence education program, and a huge part of getting it to where it is today, and most recently she serves as our Director of Operations. Mary Jo oversees all of our local ministries and is dedicated to ensuring that each client, student, or family is treated with dignity, respect, and love. Mary Jo enjoys spending time with her family and serving in her church. She and her husband Bob have five grown children and four grandchildren.

Bonnie Courson

RN Nurse Manager

Bonnie has served as our Nurse Manager and Nurse Sonographer since 2016. Bonnie is in charge of supervising our medical services team and ensuring we comply with best practices for pregnancy medical centers. Bonnie loves introducing families to their unborn children on ultrasound scan. When she isn't working Bonnie cares for her mother and mother-in-law and enjoys beadwork and spending time with her pets. She and her husband Dave enjoy rescuing dogs, cats, and any other animal in need that crosses their paths.

Suzy Dambach


Suzy has been part of our team since 2015 and serves as our bookkeeper. Suzy helps each division coordinator to spend their budget carefully, ensures all of our bills are paid, and processes all of our donations. In addition, she maintains all of our personnel files. Suzy enjoys the outdoors, especially camping, and spending time with her family. She and her husband Glen have two children and four grandchildren.

Diane Double

Office Manager

Diane joined the team in 2016 and serves as the office manager, ensuring all of our processes run smoothly and that each team member has the equipment, supplies, and information they need to serve our community. Diane is a graduate of Grove City College and enjoys hiking, running, and baking. In addition to her work at Promise of Life Network, Diane serves on her local school board. She and her husband also enjoy spending time cheering on their children, Natalie and Ryan, as they compete in local sports teams.

Julie Hudak

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Julie has served on the team as our Certified Nurse Practitioner since 2019. Her primary role is treating clients who are positive for an STD and teaching them about healthy relationships, abstinence, and the risks of sex outside of marriage. Julie has been a registered nurse for 28 years and a nurse practitioner for three years. Julie and her husband Paul have two sons, one in college and one in high school.


We couldn't do what we do without the incredible support from our volunteers. Not all volunteers are pictured. We will frequently have groups that volunteer throughout the year and also have some anonymous friends who take part in our ministry.
Jan Booth
Jan Booth

Prayer Coordinator

Bill Cooper
Bill Cooper
Larry Fleming
Larry Fleming
Matt Fuss
Matt Fuss
Amy Knecht
Amy Knecht
Micaela Kolker
Micaela Kolker


Shannon Lightner
Shannon Lightner
Joe Morris
Joe Morris

Fathers in Action Mentor

Harold Newton, Jr.
Harold Newton, Jr.
Carol Patterson
Carol Patterson
Kristi Poland
Kristi Poland

Volunteer Coordinator

Dr Mary Tanyel
Dr Mary Tanyel

Medical Director

Shannon Watts
Shannon Watts
Beverly Whalen
Beverly Whalen
Not pictured:
  • Aaron Moore - Video/Photo/Graphic Design
  • Amber Rogan - International Advocate
  • Anthony Bowen - Maintenance
  • Becca Dambach - Photography
  • Beth Kissling - Parenting Educator
  • Bethany Stough - Professional Editor
  • Dana Best - Maintenance
  • Dawn Souder - Advocate
  • Diana Gealy - Receptionist
  • Elizabeth Chamberlain Kelly - Blog Writer
  • Erin Bancroft - Advocate
  • Hebist Asfaw - International Advocate
  • James Davies - Maintenance
  • Jennifer Adderholt - Receptionist
  • Jessica Graeser - International Advocate
  • Ken Pavalko - IT
  • Marty Reed & Rachel Forte - Mailing Assistants
  • Mathew Butka - Web Development
  • Phoebe Horton - International Advocate
  • Sarah McConahy - International Advocate
  • Susan Kengor - Advocate
  • Suzy Zieg - Advocate
  • Tara Terwillinger - Head of Shipping


Our Team


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