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You makes me wanna change my mind because you mentioned God. It his plans, isn't it? He knows what he's doing, maybe this is his way of pushing me to my success...I'm not going to abort my baby....This is my baby, my blood... So I'll do everything I can to protect it.

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At Home Abortion Facts Online

As abortion access continues to become restricted, some young women are turning to a new and dangerous at-home method. These women will order pills online and take them at home without ever seeing a doctor or having their pregnancy confirmed.
Further, because the websites that sell the pills are less than reputable, there is no guarantee that the packaging on the pills is accurate. These pills pose great danger to women who are desperate to "just get their period."
We knew we needed to do something, and was born. Over a period of six months, a national volunteer team did the research, wrote the content, and designed the website. This new website is the first of its kind - a resource for women who don't know where to turn.
This new initiative has had a greater impact than we could have anticipated. Not only is it a resource for women and pro-life organizations in the United States, it has caused hundreds of women overseas to contact us seeking help. We have aimed to refer as many of these women as possible to pro-life help in their area.
Further, this new website caused one woman in a country with no pro-life help to reach out to us. Because of her need, we reached out to a local group of believers to see if they could help. Not only could they help her, they are now beginning a new pro-life initiative. We are blessed to provide them with information, encouragement, and prayer support! educates women about the risks of this type of abortion and encourages them to contact a life-affirming pregnancy center. Please pray with us that many women in need will find this new site and choose life!

Each country highlighted above represents individuals who have contacted us seeking an abortion. These young women are often young, poor, and feeling very alone. By chatting back and forth with them we help them to see that God loves them and He loves their baby. We work hard to connect each woman in need with a local pregnancy help ministry or with a local church. Pray with us that we will be able to intervene with women seeking an at home abortion and that they will choose life.

In some countries the Gospel is not welcomed and the local church needs to operate very carefully. While we may work with individuals in those countries we do not want to jeopardize them by advertising their location.


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