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The presentation was great, and the teacher was a lot of fun!

Middle School Male

Healthy Relationships Today in Our Schools

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Abstinence education is key to reducing the abortion rate in our communities. Approximately 80% of abortions in Pennsylvania are performed on unmarried women (Pennsylvania Dept. of Health). If we can prevent premarital sex we can prevent abortion.


Formerly known as LifeMatters, our HRT (Healthy Relationships Today) program provides an empowering, medically accurate, and engaging sexual risk avoidance curriculum for middle and high school-age youths. Education offers opportunities like none other, and our vision has reached thousands of middle and high-schoolers, giving them the tools to discern the characteristics of a quality relationship.

Our Healthy Relationships Today team presented the message of abstinence to over 1,400 individual students in the 2022-2023 school year. In the last few years we have expanded our service area to include Beaver County. Please contact us if you know of a school who would be interested!

With the pressures and expectations brought about by culture, entertainment, and social media, HRT exists to aid students in setting boundaries for dating and preparing for productive, devoted marriages.


Our innovative curriculum not only teaches students to save sex until marriage, but gives them the tools with which to do so.


We encourage students to invest in healthy relationships that will not only lead them to the greatest fulfillment in their lives now, but will also set them up for success later on in their marriage and will minimize their regrets.

One junior high student wrote us this letter:

It means a lot to know you care enough to teach us this information. I learned the importance of a firm relationship and what it builds from. The presentation put into perspective that the things you do earlier in life have consequences in the future. This helped me think about what I want to do in life. Thank you!


As your ministry partner, we would be more than happy to present our curriculum to your youth or young adult groups at no cost. For more information and a complete brochure on our curriculum, please contact our HRT Coordinator, Lydia Tack, at

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