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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our Walk for Life this year! Thanks to all of our walkers and sponsors, we raised over $35,000 to support the ministry of Promise of Life Network. These funds will be an amazing blessing as we work to save and change lives.

God is Moving Through Marketing

Late in March we launched a new marketing initiative for our local community. When we began, we hoped for the best but were afraid that all of the money and time we invested would be for nothing. The results we saw, almost immediately, were more than we ever dreamed!

In the weeks since the beginning of this initiative we have seen a 550% increase in clients classified as "abortion minded." These young women often begin their relationship with us determined to choose abortion, but thankfully many will change their minds. One young woman left our office after her ultrasound still planning to abort, but messaged us a week later saying she was conflicted. When our team reached out to her she said she had settled on choosing life! She is thrilled to be pregnant now and working hard to make good choices for her unborn baby. Please join us in praying that many more young women and their families will turn away from abortion and choose life for their precious little ones.

Visiting Africa

As our international ministry continued to grow, it became clear that we needed to personally visit the partners we rely on so heavily. In mid-May, our Director of International Operations, Mikayla, and one of our faithful volunteers, Dawn, left the United States to visit Uganda and Kenya.

They spent time visiting with single mothers, teaching classes, and learning about what our partners are up against. They returned humbled by what they witnessed and also determined to continue to make a difference. We are so excited to see how God can use this experience to make us even more effective in saving lives worldwide!

Free Abortion on Demand in Pennsylvania?

Right now, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is waiting to hear oral arguments in the court case Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. If the court rules in favor of Allegheny Reproductive Health Center, and most believe that they will, our state will see Medicaid funding of abortion, and potentially see our entire abortion control act (the state law that places term limits and other restrictions on abortion) rolled back. We are very concerned that a ruling like this will see many more babies lost to abortion in our state. Please contact your representatives and encourage them to vote for the "Life Amendment" so we can keep abortion out of our state's constitution. Check out our website for more information.

Join us October 27th!

A night with Kirk Walden is an evening filled with humor, challenge, vision, and hope. When you hear Kirk, leave the challenges of the day behind and get ready to laugh with a speaker with whom everyone can identify.

On October 27th we will gather together to hear from Kirk and also learn about how God is moving at Promise of Life Network.

Mark your calendar - you will not want to miss this amazing night. Want an invite? Email

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